Fenris (rivets in antique brass)

Fenris (rivets in antique brass)
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rivets, 40 x 48 mm, Antique brass finishing

The Fenris Wolf (also Fenrir, Fenrisulfr) is in Norse mythology beside Hel and the Midgard Serpent, the first child of the god Loki and the giantess Angrboda. Presumably, the name has to do with the Norse word Fen (swamp). The gods realized the danger posed by the Fenris Wolf, and brought him to Asgard to him better have in mind can. Since the Fenriswolf of day was bigger and stronger to-day, the gods felt threatened, they feared he would gobble all. So they decided to tie him for all time. only was allowed two heavy chains (Leding and Dromi) finished, but effortlessly tore the wolf. He should put his strength to the test then finally by could break the magic fetter Gleipnir that looked as harmless as a simple thread. The thread was of the albums made of the tendons of the bear, the breath of the fish, the beards of women, the saliva of the birds, the sound of a cat passage and the roots of the mountains. The Fenriswolf suspicious. He wanted to pledge that all zugehe right things, get pledged by one of the gods that a holding his right hand in the mouth. No one wanted to give it except Tyr. They put Fenris the bondage to, and the more he yanked, the closer they drew to the wolf. He bit Tyr from the right hand, but remained tied. Through this "fraud" a "juridical pledge" (as Dumézil), which actually had the binding of the dangerous giant wolf to an end, the world of the gods was rescued. And just by the god Tyr, the god of war as well as the Thing meeting, which was then handed the Ase called (at einhendr .: asa). Rid of the huge Wolf is only about Ragnarök ( "fate of the gods"). He is then Odin swallow, but in turn killed by Odin's son Vidar. The Fenris Wolf is not to be confused with the wolves Skalli and Hati, which chase the sun and moon on the sky and it will devour Ragnarök. This presentation can be found only in one source to another devours Fenrir even the sun to Ragnarök.

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