Thors Hammer (Pendant in gold)

Product no.: AG-078

Norse Symbol, 29 x 41 mm, 24 Carat Gold plated, two-faced design

Thor (Old Norse: Þōrr, Þunarr; Icelandic: Þór; Old English: Þunor, Þūr; Old Saxon: Þunær; Frisian: Tonger, Old Dutch: Donar; Old High German: Donar; Proto-Germanic: *Thunaraz) is the red-haired and bearded god of thunder in Germanic mythology and Germanic paganism, and its subsets: Norse paganism, Anglo-Saxon paganism and Continental Germanic paganism. Most surviving stories relating to Germanic mythology either mention Thor or focus on Thor's exploits. Thor was a much revered god of the ancient Germanic peoples from at least the earliest surviving written accounts of the indigenous Germanic tribes to over a thousand years later in the late Viking Age.


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Thors Hammer (Pendant in gold)